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James M Phillips, Esq.

Mediation and Arbitration
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James M. Phillips, Esq.
Ph:   (559) 261-9340
Fax:  (888) 974-4321
1099 East Champlain Ave., 
Suite A, PMB #116
Fresno,  CA  93720
Principal Mediator and Arbitrator

"Jim has a very successful record mediating and arbitrating disputes of all types and sizes.  He has extensive experience resolving complex disputes for national and multi-national businesses with particular emphasis on employment, real estate, business contracts, personal injury, products liability and construction.  He also has extensive experience as a special master and referee for various courts and is a certified workplace investigator."
Experience and Specialties

Mr. Phillips became a full-time mediator and arbitrator in 1992.  Prior to forming The Phillips Group, he was associated with The Bates Edwards Group, Endispute and J.A.M.S.  Over the last twenty years, Mr. Phillips has conducted in excess of 3,500 mediation, arbitration and referee hearings throughout the United States and in Europe.  He is known for his lawyer-friendly approach to hearings and has an extremely high success rate helping attorneys resolve their clients' disputes.

Prior to beginning his full-time mediation and arbitration practice,  Mr. Phillips was in private law practice for over twenty years during which he was a panelist of the American Arbitration Association.  As a senior owner and the head of the litigation department of his law firm,  Mr. Phillips was exposed to a broad range of litigation.  He represented numerous Fortune 500 and other multi-national corporations in complex business, employment, construction, real estate and finance disputes. 

Mr. Phillips has mediated and arbitrated cases in most areas of civil practice, including business contracts and dissolutions, employment, real estate, personal injury and products liability.  He has also served as a court referee and fact finder in numerous civil cases.

  • In business, he has mediated and arbitrated cases involving dissolutions, trade secrets and other forms of unfair business competition.
  • In employment, he has mediated and arbitrated cases involving age, sex and race discrimination, harassment, retaliation and wrongful termination, including both private and public employers.
  • In real estate, he has mediated and arbitrated cases involving non-disclosures, breach of sale contracts, leases, partition, development, construction defects and other issues.
  • In personal injury, he has mediated and arbitrated injury cases of all types and sizes, ranging from small slip and fall matters to complex multi-vehicle collision, products liability, wrongful death and toxic tort cases.
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